Brand Clarity

Join Other Entrepreneurs Who Came Before You, Discover How To Connect With Customers And Enjoy Brand Clarity Success!




 Connect With Your Customers


Creating the perfect brand message just got easier for the resolute, take-action, new or seasoned entrepreneur! Message clarity promotes customer connection and that’s what you want, right?

Live Workshops and Brand Clarity Coaching


You’ll learn how to click with your customers, transform your marketing, and boost your business.

Master Brand Literacy Communications


It doesn’t matter if your business is new or established, brick-n-mortar or online, if you’re a solopreneur or a small company, you can become your own marketing expert. Because you want people to love what you do, right?


Learn what other entrepreneurs now know about amazing brand clarity and how they course corrected their communication style. We serve business people who want to rise above the noise of the market and be heard by their customers.





Businesses want to connect with future customers, but all too often they simply don’t know where to begin. So in an effort to engage, they talk about themselves, their services and products. All this chatter is market noise and the content overload feels like an information attack. Sadly, people aren’t listening and your potential customer has moved on! The Brand Clarity Workshop helps people script their message in such a way that customers fall in love with the brand then take action, and isn’t that what you want?



Meet S.T. LeGray


S.T. LeGray • Brand Consultant • Speaker • Author

When you put your heart and soul, time and money, into a business you’re in it for the long distance. And having customers who understand your brand connection to their life is key to a thriving and lasting business. Because you don’t want fleeting, trendy success that sputters and stops, right?

With an extensive background in business, a student of story, and as a brand communication strategist, my goal is to help you master brand literacy communication, prevent customer confusion and promote customer connection. You’ll learn to create powerful, clear language using a proven, successful format.

Apart from the Live Workshop, I offer Brand Clarity Coaching sessions. And for those who want their brand script created, we do that too! When you’re ready to get started—I would love the opportunity to help you craft your distinctive brand language. LEARN MORE



Create Brand Clarity to Grow Your Business


It’s true, a successful business watches its bottom-line. Plus we agree it makes good sense to know the cost before you buy. But isn’t the real concern found in knowing what an unclear and lackluster brand message cost your business—yesterday, today, and tomorrow?

Because the value of a clear, compelling brand message that eliminates customer confusion and promotes customer connection is priceless.

A successful business also knows the difference between a cost and an investment. And while it’s not a pleasant thought—we know at some future point no matter how well you budget your cost, a business without customers who buy, will cease to be in business.


It’s clear that your investment in brand clarity is more than just the price of the workshop!